We listen, before we design, customize & innovate.

MAGES Studio is a Creative Tech solution provider for businesses globally. Using our expertise in cutting edge Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Applied Games, we build customized solutions that address challenges of today and tomorrow.

More than just tech specialists, we are Solutionists. We take the time to understand your business needs and requirements before working together to design the most effective applications that address and evolve your business digitally.

We have a lean team of talented designers, developers and artists who perform at the edge of this constantly evolving industry. Work with us to find the perfect balance of quality and cost efficiency.

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Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality

Accomplished in the latest cutting edge VR Tech, MAGES Studio excels at crafting custom-designed, effective business solutions: be it through complex 3D VR interactions using Game Engines such as Unreal and Unity3D, or 360 VR solutions meant for mobile deployment.

Augmented Reality

Considered the next biggest wave of technology to penetrate daily life, MAGES Studio is highly experienced in creating a wide variety of AR applications. We are able to utilize traditional Marker-based AR as well as the latest Marker-less AR offered through the AR Kit (iOS) and AR Core (Android).

Game Programmes

Applied Games

Use Gamification to improve training, development and assessment processes by creating an immersive environment. Here at MAGES Studio, we create "serious" games that achieve organizational objectives in a variety of industries like healthcare, education and aviation.