Grow your business with immersive technologies

We create, design and develop data-driven engaging experiences for any business objective

Applied Games

Applied Games

Take your training up a notch with data-driven gamified experiences


Augmented Reality

Engage your customers and train your employees in a whole new way


Virtual Reality

Capture your employees and customers senses with hyper-realistic simulations and virtual environments


Industries We Serve


Allow your customers to see future building, apartments and designs before they are ready and developed. Through hyper-realistic Virtual Reality showrooms, colours and furniture try on using Augmented Reality, immersive technologies make it easier than ever for real-estate and home design companies to sell.


Fill your sites with trained and skilled workers with minimal investment and with no use of real equipment or locations. The construction industry by nature, requires costly on the job training due to the use of heavy and expensive machinery. Virtual Reality offers a cost- effective training approach combining simulations with assessments components to ensure knowledge is well observed.


Make the shopping experience more engaging, intuitive and satisfying by incorporating immersive technologies into your buyer journey. From adding product visualizations to reduce cart abandonment rate to creative marketing campaigns that capture your audience attention, immersive technologies can help you keep ahead of the curve.


Easily train your medical staff and healthcare workers across a wide variety of use cases such as treatments, patient checks and surgery stimulations. Virtual and Augmented Reality have transformed medical training providing a safe and affordable form of realistic practical training.


Intuitive and engaging education modules for corporate, medical and tertiary education. Immersive technologies makes it possible to easily train and assess practical application of many disciplines. With hyper-realistic simulations, data-driven assessment components and engaging experience it becomes an ideal form of hand-on knowledge implementation.

Our Products

Powerful, user friendly applications to help you boost your presence and growth in a few clicks.


Interactive and cost-effective virtual reality training modules for aviation companies staff. Mix and match from a variety of modules from ground staff to aircraft engineers.

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Easily create web-based Augmented Reality interactions to gauge your audience and customer attention and collect
insightful data.

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Produce virtual events in an easy-to-use interface to engage and connect with your customers in a meaningful, fun, and cost-effective way.

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