Life Affirming Solutions

MAGES Studio leverages emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Gamification to build meaningful solutions backed by learning pedagogies, driven by measurable impact.

Reinventing Learning Across Industries

We have worked with more than 40 partners, building tech solutions that address their core training needs. Our approach stems from the quest to identify true pain points, build immersive and engaging user-centered experiences while ensuring measurable results. This has allowed us to create customised applications, SAAS products and a tech-consulting expertise like no other.


We bring years of solutioning experience and finely honed processes to conceptualise impactful solutions from true pain points.

Hyper-realistic Virtual Reality environments, complete with complex interactions that have multi-device support.

Building advanced and highly-customisable tech solutions using AR Kit, AR Core, Vuforia, Swift and other platforms.

Tracking performance data, analysing trends and visualizing impact with simplicity.

We build serious games around a variety of complex topics, appealing to the most intuitive way to learn.

We put our money where our mouth is, offering an in depth analysis of user performance and feedback to measure impact.

With 54+ projects across 9+ industries

Here are some highlighted projects we have worked on in collaboration with our partners.


Some of our most interesting and impactful work.


We also have built in-house products for a variety of use cases.

Woman using VR headset to explore VR gameplay.

Maritime Masters

Maritime Masters

A seafarer training mobile game that prepares seafarers to deal with emergencies.
Man using VR headset to explore VR gameplay.



An online learning platform that leverages AI & Gamification to create, publish and analyse training content and performance.
Man using VR headset to explore VR gameplay. Upper torso and hand gestures seen.



Add 3D spaces to your website with ease. Visualise your products and services in the next dimension.