5 Things About Augmented Reality You May Not Have Known

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The concept of Augmented Reality (AR) was introduced in 1968. People never expected it to grow as quickly as it does today.   

Nothing is possible with these skills these days. Technology covers every aspect of our lives, from entertainment like Snapchat and Instagram filters to help industries become more efficient.   

But you might ask, “Is there any proof that AR matters?”   

Three fundamental characteristics of augmented reality one should know: 

  1. Overlay of the real world and the digital world 
  2. real-time interaction 
  3. Registration and Alignment in 3D

This article will reveal 5 things you didn’t know about augmented reality. 

Check them out below!


1. The future of navigation is here: 

With the help of AR, a better, feature-rich version of navigation maps will be available on your phone or any other device. Most importantly, the rise of technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) antennas, Wi-Fi RTT and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) has made indoor navigation much more viable than before. One of the most useful uses of this technology is displaying AR directions in large indoor spaces such as distribution centers, shopping malls, and airports. 

2. Augmented reality in the automotive industry 

Augmented reality has many different applications that are useful in the automotive industry. One of the interesting applications of AR in the automotive industry is parking assistance with 5G connectivity. It is available to highlight the parking spaces in the driver’s heads-up display (HUD). This can also provide a lot of data to help optimize the layout and operation of parking facilities such as car parks and garages. AR is also used for entertainment and information such as 3D car manuals and other applications.


3. AR in Gamification & Manufacturing Industry:   

Consumers are at the center of many AR applications, and several industries have been affected by this technology, including the gaming industry. The majority of educational & entertainment games use this powerful technology.  However, AR has great potential for use in industries such as manufacturing. 

For example, employee training can be enhanced with AR experiences based on CAD data. It can also assist technicians with routine maintenance processes. AR applications can highlight the elements of the device being worked on to guide the technician through the process. This is generally more accessible via head-mounted solutions than mobile applications. 


4. Golden Opportunities in HealthCare: 

Augmented reality and AI  transform traditional healthcare business models by providing AR/MR-enabled hands-free solutions and IA-based diagnostic tools. For example, Microsoft Hololens 2 can keep surgeons informed while keeping both hands free during surgery. Medical science and education use this technology to make medical science more efficient and accessible. Augmented Reality Technology plays a role in X-rays and other medical procedures. Overlaying the virtual view on top of the real view can help you look for medical problems in your body. 


5. Shopify to provide an Advanced AR experience 

As an e-commerce platform, Shopify is used by over 1 million businesses today. But virtual shopping is becoming an increasingly exciting option in the metaverse. As part of its AR shopping strategy, the company will offer users the ability to virtually try on clothes and view items before making a purchase.

Final Words: 

Augmented reality is the future of many industries. The future will be shaped by companies that adapt to today’s challenges in new and innovative ways. They offer rich AR experiences to their customers and are well-positioned to take on their competitors. The augmented reality market will continue to grow, especially as the technology becomes more accessible to consumers. AR is the next step for many companies as interest in metaverse technology has increased significantly.

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