Modern-day Wizards

Our Vision

To build life affirming solutions that empower humanity to face it's biggest challenges.

Our Values

Our Story

Born out of a band of freshly minted artists, programmers and designers, passionate to create but committed to doing it our way – MAGES Studio started off as a test of our calibre.

We were born at a time when the world was aware of emerging technologies like AR, VR and Applied Games – but very skeptical of its effectiveness. Most people saw it as a passing fad.

In this backdrop, we set off on a journey to build meaningful solutions. Starting with the healthcare industry, we built low cost – high impact solutions to convince our stakeholders that these solutions were worth the investment.

The first 3 years were an uphill battle. We had countless all-nighters, projects that were in red, communication challenges, resource challenges and the works. There were times we questioned our own existence. I believe the only thing that kept us going was the unshakeable belief that the solutions we were building had an impact that went far beyond us. Solutions that taught people how to save lives, how to preserve life and lately, even create life.

Today, we still stick to our founding principles. Turn up with empathy for our clients, understand their context, be honest about what works (and what doesn’t work) and always share with humility.

When clients like the World Bank, KPMG and DBS started walking in on their own accord looking to work with us – we knew we were doing something right. Till date, we have worked with more than 30 partners and successfully delivered more than 60 solutions across 9 industries. Significantly, most of our projects are from repeat clients – a testament to our process and impact.

As we enter the next phase of our journey with a greater sense of purpose and clarity, we are steadfast and eager to build life-affirming solutions.

Our Team

The wizards that weave the magic and the logic. We have an incredibly talented team of artists, designers and developers that are aligned to our purpose. They are not just highly skilled and agile, but also empathatic individuals with passion projects that propel them forward.
Vrinda Khanna, Director

Vrinda Khanna


Nanda Ye Aung, Director

Nanda Ye Aung


Dev Bahl, Product Manager

Dev Bahl

Product Manager

Rais Raiyan, Growth Strategist

Rais Raiyan

Growth Strategist

Siti Nurbaya, UI UX Designer

Siti Nurbaya

UI UX Lead

Annabelle Chan, UI UX Desginer

Annabelle Chan

UI UX Designer

Mauricio Jeronimo, Lead 3D Artist

Mauricio Jeronimo

Lead 3D Game Artist

Saurabh Shankar, 3D Game Artist

Saurabh Shankar

3D Game Artist

Milan Mathew, 3D Game Artist

Milan Mathew

3D Game Artist

Deepanshu Goel, Full Stack Developer

Deepanshu Goel

Full Stack Developer

Akshay Prabhat Mishra, Full Stack Developer

Akshay Prabhat Mishra

Full Stack Developer

Deepanshu Manocha, Game Developer

Deepanshu Manocha

Game Developer

Atul Kumar Singh, Game Developer

Atul Kumar Singh

Game Developer

Ritchie Chan, Game Developer

Ritchie Chan

Game Developer

Kavi Kumar, Game Developer

Kavi Kumar

Game Developer

Gaurav Pratap Singh, Game Developer

Gaurav Pratap Singh

Game Developer

Sachit Bhagwanani, Game Developer

Sachit Bhagwanani

Game Developer