Fundamentals of Game Development

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Developing games is a creative and technical art form. The single thing more fun than playing games is making them. All it takes is some time, eagerness to learn and excitement to create. You don’t require being a “coder” to make games. The beauty of the games is that they take a variety of skills to make. Art, creativity, and thinking are just as important as code.

The idea behind game development is to develop a solid gaming app that can entertain users with an impeccable gaming-experience. MAGES Studio develops mobile game apps for all the major platforms. They develop graphic-rich games, cross-platform game applications, 2D & 3D games and more. They have a team of mobile UX design experts and have developed and delivered apps in both the enterprise and consumer app markets. Three important factors that are to be kept in mind while developing games are:

  1. Fast Performing Games/Apps: Speed and performance are the core of mobile game development.
  2. Unique Look and Design: All the gaming apps should feature a unique look and an amazing interface design with rich graphics.
  3. Amazing Graphics: Dedicated designers should design the best suitable graphics to fit the gaming app.

Gaming and entertainment are an essential part of the mobile and web industry, turning into a rapidly growing industry worth billions of dollars globally. Millions of smartphone users and tech-savvy individuals spend their time playing games on their mobiles, laptops or tablets.
MAGES Studio’s mobile app developers have extensive experience in the mobile paradigms and can effectively combine mobility with virtual reality, augmented reality and gamification to deliver truly unique and effective customer experience. They develop smartphone applications for the Android and Apple iPhone ecosystems to help clients implement their mobile strategies.

At MAGES Studio, Singapore they provide end-to-end business solutions for mobile app consulting, designing and development with a focus on engagement using gamification. They adapt to the latest tools and frameworks in the market and work with game engines as well as technologies to build high-quality games. The following factors enable MAGES Studio to deliver unique and engaging games:

● An experienced team of iPhone game developers.
● Creative artists and specialized designers.
● Accomplished development process .
● Quality assurance and timely delivery.

MAGES Studio offers the best design innovations, conceptualization and integrations for iPhone game development. Besides, the team also adapts the technology which helps them execute various genres. The gaming artists come up with appropriate sketches, color combinations, and graphic styles to deliver the best gaming experience. Game design is not just technology and fine-looking animations. But it’s about an appealing storyline, insights on gamer psychology and a cohesive strategy that binds technology, creativity and business.

As a full-service game development organisation, MAGES Studio ensures that the game has required monetization and retention components to improve its LTV (lifetime value). They also monitor the game to ensure that it remains bug-free and provides a consistent and awesome experience to users.


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