AR Documentary Promo

A series of interactive AR experiences that allows the audience to engage with the National Geography documentary series before it's release.


“In a world where many fast-moving consumer good brands or FMCGs need to expand beyond brick and mortar shops in order to better reach customers and clientele, virtual ecommerce can be an innovative way to combine the convenience of online shopping with the experience of entering an actual store. Ecommerce VR provides just that with its immersive and engaging virtual shopping experience. “



Example #3


“Providing a 360 full virtual reality environment, Ecommerce VR provides a realistic shopping experience through it’s usuage of gaze tracking technology to help users make interactions. Users can also freely teleport around the store and observe the superimposed CG 3D products that can actually be purchased online though the simulation itself. “
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“Ecommerce VR hopes to demonstrate how virtual reality can provide a new platform for FMCG and brick and mortar shops to expand their reach and provide new t experiences for their customers, all while continuing to provide the same services in a fast and convenient manner. “


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