An anxiety management tool for pre-operative patients based on mindfulness, in a mobile VR application. This led to an overall better patient experience and ease of anesthesia.


“In 2019, National Geographic aimed to broadcast a new documantary showcasing the technological innvoations that made Singapore what it is today. As part of their marketing campaign, Mages Studio was tasked with helping promote the documentary using equally innovative and cutting-edge technology.”



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“Making use of the latest Web AR technology, Mages allowed the public to digitally conjure highly detailed custom 3D models of Singapore’s different technological advancements, such as nanosatellites, from simply scanning one of National Geographic’s pamphlets. The 3D models were fully modeled, allowing viewers to freely move around them, all while being provided various funfacts and information about the specific technology itself. The AR booklet was also made accessible to an even wider degree of people, by being able to function without need of an app download”
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“Making use of the various technologies and effects in relation to the documentary series, the city of innovation AR booklet was able to help raise user awareness and interest in not only the documantary itself, but also the various areas of growth in Singapore’s technological centre. .”


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