Cargo Strapping

Adressing the need to train aircraft personnel on complex cargo strapping that takes into account unrestrained weight, strap angles, number of straps and position of the cargo.


“There are many concepts in the world of Engineering that are not complex, but also difficult to grasp without proper visualization or application. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for engineering students to set up a space to study these concepts in a short amount of time, given the many different subjects that they need to grasp. Luckily, Engineer on Board exists to try and try and ease the burden of study on students and teachers.”



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“Mages Studio continues in it’s endeavor to making learning and practice both easy and fun for engineering students by developing ‘Engineer On Board.’ Centered around the main physics concepts of Deflection, Inertia, Superpostion and Elasticity, Engineer on Board allows students to visualize, practice and learn either on their own, or through engaging with their classmate, in an engaging and gamefied base platform. Engineer on Board also provides practical usage for teachers or professors by allowing them to collect data based on their students performance in game and assess what stage they are in, in learning.”
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“By gameifying physics concepts and offering various gameplay modes with which they can be interacted with, Engineer on Board makes complex topics easier to digest and understand. It also helps to increase retention rates by not only providing a fun and interactive platform, but by also challenging students, both against themselves, but also their classmates in a friendly and engaging manner. “

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