Engineer On Board

A multiplayer serious applied game that allows engineering students to practice their theoretical concepts of deflection in a fun format while collecting performance data.


“When in a stressful and critcial environment, it is important that the appropriate personnel know how to remain calm and are trained in how to aid anyone in distress. This is even more important for those in the field of nursing who may be faced with sudden and time-sensitive situations every day. However, it can be hard to train these soft skills in a practical scenario. ‘Chest Pain’ is a game that hopes to help bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in an emergency.”



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“Chest Pain’ puts the user directly into the shoes of a nurse dealing with a sudden complaint of chest pain from a patient. Making use of applied gameification and realworld nursing procedures, ‘Chest Pain’ breaks down the steps of what to do when faced with such a scenario. At the same time, the game also allows for nurses to practice and explore different styles of responses while receiving immediate feedback from their actions. The game also allows for evaluators to collect data based on the user’s performance and evaluate them accordingly. “
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“Chest Pain’ continues to demonstrate how games can not only provide an engaging and interactive alternative to learning, but also act as environments that can help foster harder to teach soft skills, and a new resource light way for evaluators to test and assess trainee nurses in different scenarios. “


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