Fire Safety

A critical skill for all members of the public - how to use a fire extinguisher and fire alarm correctly - simulated in high fidelity VR and showcased at multiple events and public interactions.


“As more and more brilliant minds enter the world of civil engineering, the avaliability of physical labs and resources become more scarce. However, lab training is still vital to ensuring that engineers can enter the workforce with the necessary skills and experience to avoid risk of injury or accidents. VR Lab aims to help provide civil engineers with the lab training they need, without taking up valuable resources. “



Example #2


“In a bid to help bridge the gap between practical solutions and innovative VR technology, Mages Studio has designed VR Lab, as a teaching tool that allows civil engineering students to explore a simulated lab environment. Here, they can freely practice, extract and verify data and study principles of superPosition, without having to wait for a physical lab to open up to them. “
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“Made specifically for experiments focused on civil engineering concepts, students can engage with VR lab and use the data gathered from the simulation for their real world usage.They can also explore around the lab freely, and practice without fear of injury or accident. The lab also includes real world simulated physics, providing as realistic as possible environment to train students for actual labwork in future”

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