Five Degrees

A VR documentary advocating green practices by showing the impact of the global temperature rising by 5 degrees celcius especially in the context of Singapore.


“There is often a gap between theoretical knowledge and applied practical knowledge amongst students. It is especially important to try to bridge this gap when it comes to civil engineers as they deal with many real world scenarios in their working life. However, it can be difficult for civil engineering students to find means to practice their skills and knowledge in the real world. Truss Bridge aims to help them in their learning journies on their way into the working world. “



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“Truss Bridge aims to both engage and challenge students to apply their knowledge pratically by facing them with the scarnio of having to build a bridge in a simulated real world environment. Students are not only able to build a bridge, but also test out its effacacy from various angles. Truss Bridge also provides means for both teachers and professors to assess and collect data on their student’s efforts, in order to best evaluate how they should grow and encourage their talents further.”
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“Truss Bridge provides another practical ‘real world’ scenario that students can freely exericse their knowledge and practical application skills in without fear of failure. This enables them to not only be confident in making mistakes, but also in learning from them before they enter the real working world or are faced with actual challenges. “


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