Grammar Guru

Designed for engagement, SMU's Grammar Guru tests student's knowledge of contextual use appropriate grammar. The story-based game introduces Avatars, NPCs, Hint Systems and various other game elements.


Law students face a lot of pressure when it comes to to trying to grasp the various laws and their many different applications. While knowledge can be gained by studying, knowing when and how to apply that knowledge can be much harder to foster without proper assessment. ‘Mind the Drone’ aims to provide an easy, fun and interactive system to help with this process.



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Mages Studio has strived to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application for SMU Law Students. In collaboration with SMU, ‘Mind the Drone’ was developed to demonstrate how simulated case studies could provide an immersive and interactive platform for students to both practice their skills and be assessed in. Focusing on the Law of Torts, Mind the Drone simulates a realistic case study that students can exercise their knowledge in.
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Students can freely practice in a virtual environment without fearing any repercussion, while also improving their analytical and evidence identification skills. At the same time, the platform enables teacher to assess and collect date regarding the skills and knowledge of their students, allowing them to better understand their students and how to proceed with further teaching.


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