A scenario based game that teaches doctors to optimise their medical prescriptions to avoid waste and over-billing. Also gives them a chance to practice their knowledge on more than 80 scenarios.


“In order to increase customer engagemnet and brand recognition, many fast-moving-commercial-group brands or FMCGs need to leverage on existing advancements in technology to improve on how their brands are advertising content is distrubted to potential customers. *P&G- Ecommerce AR is just one example on how this sort of technology can be utilized. “



Example #1


“Through the use of marker-based AR technology, users can easily scan brand logos to find out about the availiable discounts, rewards or other information related to the brand itself. Users can also be directed straight away to a brand’s online store, or physical locations, while also being rewarded with discounts directly from using the application. “
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“*P&G -Ecommerce AR hopes to demonstrate how AR technology can be used to benefit FMCG brands and help drive both online and in-store traffic. As well as provide more convience and better information distribution to a wider base of potential customers. “


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