An engaging gamified platform to advocate and test employees' knowledge on risk culture.


“As part of the marketing campaign for Universal Studios Singapore’s (USS) Christmas Campaign, Mages Studio made use of Augmented Reality technology to help engage people through USS’ social media and spread the word of the campaign to as many people as possible. “



Example #2


“Utilizing Spark AR Effects, Mages Studio created face filters with iconinc Universal Characters that were deployed through both Facebook and Instagram. In order to help drive traffic to both USS’ online and physcial locations, marker based AR sites where also launched on-site around USS, so that visitors could continue to engage further and have funcwith the AR technology even when they were already at Universal. “
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“USS’ Christmas Campaign AR provided a fun and innovative way for customers to learn about the campaign itself through the use of the filters and its in-filter advertizing. At the same time, customers were also encouraged to engage further with the campaign through the filter by visiting on the on-site marker based AR areas dotted in USS, helping to build more hype for the event itself. “


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