Virtual AI Lab

A 3D VR experience that brought users through the familiar KPMG Lobby before bringing them through a virtual underground AI laboratory where each of the 4 AI use cases were explained.


“As technology evolves, it is important for us to evolve the way we teach and learn about. KMPG in partnership with A*STAR have developed many A.I solutions to aid its workers in the world with many different technological systems, to cut down on the amount of effort and time that they usually need to put in to finding solutions, however, it can be difficult to understand how to make use of this A.I without proper instruction or training. This is what led to the development of Virutal AI lab. “



Example #3


“In order to help bridge the gap between AI solutions and their practical use in different systems, AI Virtual Lab makes use of VR technology to show how these AI and algorthimic solutions can be used to streamline and simplify the different processes for end-users. Users are able to visualize how each solution is intepreted through different virtual lab rooms, and can asorb how each learning tool is used through the interactive and immersive environments designed for them. “
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“Virtual AI Lab hopes to not only serve as a learning tool for KMPG’s employees when it comes to integrating A.I solutions into their everyday task, but also as a demonstration of how A.I and future advanced technologies can be easily taught and disseminated to employees through the use of a virtual simulated environment. “

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