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360 Virtual Reality application that allows users to shop immersively online.


“Learning to be independent is not just about knowing how to care for yourself when you are healthy, but also how to care for yourself when you are ill. However, it can be an overwhelming experience to visit the clinic on your own for the first time, especially when you are already feeling sick. This is where ‘Virtual Clinic’ comes in.”



Example #2, FMV Gameplay


“We, at Mages, are focused on fostering and encouraging independent thinking in children with special needs, and there is no better way than allowing them to learn by actually going through the process itself. As part of a collaboration between Mages Studio and Metta School for special-needs children, ‘Virtual Clinic’ makes use of applied gamification to educate children on what to do when they are ill, and demystify the process of visiting a clinic.”
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“Children can practice in a no-risk virtual environment that emphasizes key decision-making points and makes them easy to digest, allowing them to gain vital life skills that can help them on their road to becoming more independent.”

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