VR Hi-Lift Training

A hyper realistic VR simulation training on operating an aviation Hi-Lift in normal and emergency scenarios.


“Engineering students often have many complex and difficult subjects that they need to grasp in their studies. These subjects are not only tricky to understand, but it may also be hard for students to visualize their usage and apply them practically. At the same time, simply studying through a text book or notes can make retention of knowledge more limited. This is where Robosop hopes to make a difference.”



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“Turning to the applied gameification, Mages Studio created Robosop, as a means to provide an entertaining, but also educational game that engineering students could use to study, practice and apply their knowledge centered around the concept of Statics of Particles. The game also allows professors and teaches to collect data to better know at which stage a student is in their learning journey and how to better guide and grow their skills and abilities. “
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“Robosop is not only fun and engaging, but also helps students develop soft skills such as thinking on their feet and finding solutions quickly, while practicing their concepts and knowledge in an interactive setting. Its’ gamefied scope also provides for better retention of knowledge, while keeping alive the passion for engineering through its various game modes. “


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