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Gamify Learning | Game on Application

Make The Learning Experience Practical and Fun with Applied Games 

Engaging, effective, and trackable learning modules for a variety of industries and roles

What are Applied Games?

A game that is designed for a primary purpose, other than just entertainment is known as an applied game or a serious game. These are the games with an educational intent which means that they need to be engaging, although not necessarily fun. Games for education have become a very successful field now. Serious Games Studio helps you to become a developer in this field.

Gamification in Education

Gamification is a collection of actions and techniques used to leverage the attributes of game components to address problems. Gamification in learning refers to game-based components such as scoring, peer competition, teamwork, and scorecards to increase student engagement, help assimilate new material, and assess knowledge levels. This applies to school subjects, but it’s also widely used in self-paced apps and courses, showing that the effects of gamification don’t end in adulthood. Gamification has proven to be very effective in a variety of situations, including e-learning, and business training in game development companies and educational institutions.

Here are some reasons why gamification works:

  1. Games satisfy basic needs (autonomy, value, competence, etc.).
  2. Games may include leaderboards or other areas where high scores are displayed so that players feel validated when they do well. The game is also social.
  3. Games improve ongoing engagement by allowing players to challenge their friends and invite others (gamification keeps users playing and getting more help to retain users by encouraging them to earn points, rewards, or more information).
  4. Give commands to users (students) (students feel in charge of their learning journey and move from point A to point B).

Types of Applied Games

Applied Games are broadly of two types: Process-oriented and Outcome Focused.

Process-oriented games address different processes and that is why they have different structures, whereas outcome-focused games train people in essential skills which can be algorithmic or free-form, very similar to simulations.

Develop a learning experience people will love. Applied games improve the entire learning process by incorporating gamified and data collection elements into real-life training. It blends theory with active gameplay features such as leaderboards, progression bars, badges, points, and more, keeping people on their feet. All applied games are developed with a data collection functionality that allows for performance tracking, analysis, and improvement. Game designers have become successful now because of the growing opportunities in this field.

Enhance training quality and success 

Combine challenge and competitiveness with theoretical training to drive action and increase engagement. Utilize the data captured throughout the game for constructive feed and improvement to your objectives. One of our applied games includes training nurses on chest pain response. Can we elaborate?

Make education a real experience 

Augmented Reality solutions integrate the interaction of a digital layer with the physical environment, opening up a world of possibilities for businesses to efficiently communicate with consumers and employees. People remember experiences far better than any theoretical knowledge. Games and Technology are an amazing combination as a lot of developers have become successful nowadays.  Incorporate gamification into your curriculum and employee preparation and make it something they remember during and post-training. Check out the applied game we have created for Engineering students on complex physics subjects.

Create special marketing campaigns 

Allow customers to interact with your marketing campaigns or offer gamified experiences around high-use products to boost your brand’s presence.

Why choose us? 

We combine technical knowledge and business approach to productize and build user-centric technological solutions that add value to your organization. From understanding your business goals and tailoring them to the appropriate technology, we will connect the dots to bring your idea to life in high quality, affordable, and user-focused way.

We work with a variety of headsets and technologies 

More about Applied Games

Applied Games encapsulates gamification and standard training material into a practical, fun, and engaging experience for students and employees. The game also includes a stimulation or assessment as part of the format. This allows the examiner to actively evaluate the performance of the student or employee.

Who develops Applied Games? 

There are top game development companies that have special game designers that help companies and leading institutions develop Applied Games modules for various training purposes. Game designers specialize in gamification features for education and in breaking down the theory into a practical game scenario. As a top game development company, Mages combines games and technology to help leading institutions facilitate engaging and informative learning experiences via a simulation or assessment.

Metaverse development services grow in popularity due to the demand for such serious games in Singapore. As an EDU partner, Mages is a specialized serious games studio that collaborates with local and global universities and large corporations.

Potential of Applied Games

Serious games have a purpose beyond entertainment, which is why they are being used across industries as potent vehicles to educate and evaluate or make a social impact.

The Developer Community is growing every day, and their influence is being felt across healthcare, where games are delivering neurodevelopmental assessments to children and also in defense military simulations add a tactile layer to training.

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