Top Augmented Reality Service Providers in Singapore

Engage your customers with new-age technology and innovative learning methods. The goal is to create AR games, AR in education, & AR app development using Unity 3D & Unreal Engine

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Top Augmented Reality Service Providers in Singapore

Augmented Reality solutions combine the interaction of a digital layer with the physical world and open a world of opportunities for companies to interact with both customers and employees effectively. Companies utilize Augmented Reality in 2021 to showcase new products, engage their customers and stand out thereby growing overall ROI, and scalability.

Augmented Reality in Education

The future of augmented reality goes beyond the interaction of a digital layer with the physical world. The latest AR app development explores cutting-edge engagement tools that open up opportunities for Augmented Reality usage in Singapore and the world.

Understanding Augmented Reality

Augmented reality development services are not just limited to entertainment and healthcare they are spreading their wings beyond the interaction between the virtual layer and the physical world. AR apps change the way the user sees the world, blurring the line between what’s happening and what’s being generated by the solution. Enhances the senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling. With 10+ years of experience in AR and gamification, we develop high-end solutions providers that add business value and deliver upon objectives—focusing on 3D model design and implementation of the algorithms, responsible for overlaying the scene in the device’s camera lens with virtual content.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual reality 

Augmented Reality (AR) perfectly blends the digital world and physical elements to create an artificial environment. Apps developed using AR technology for mobile or desktop integrate digital components into the real world. The latest in AR app development explores cutting-edge engagement tools that offer the opportunity to use Augmented Reality in Singapore.

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of an alternate world or reality. Used in 3D movies and video games. It helps create simulations that resemble the real world and ‘immerse’ viewers using computers and sensory devices such as VR headsets and gloves. In addition to games and entertainment, virtual reality is also being used for training, education, science, and more.

Make your Brand Stand Out 

Augmented Reality can help spark emotion and capture the attention of your audience in creative ways. Have your customers involved in new, exciting, and attention-grabbing activities in cross dimensions using Augmented Reality in marketing. From interactive social media activities to shopping mall displays. Check out how we helped Universal Studios boost social media engagement during a Christmas campaign using Augmented Reality

Increase Customer Engagement & Retention using Augmented Reality 

AR applications can be utilized for connected packaging campaigns, interactive advertising, and physical campaigns & will keep your customers involved. The virtual reality games & web Augmented Reality application we have developed for National Geographic provide the perfect example of fostering interactive engagement with viewers throughout a documentary. Allows Customers to “Try Before They Buy”. Augmented Reality in architecture enables customers to try on a variety of products from makeup, to furniture, and jewelry from the comfort of their homes. Augmented Reality in education offers a solution for business assessments that provides companies with a cost-effective way to train and test employees. The application we have developed for Brain Hack shows how Augmented Reality in healthcare can turn a boring topic such as the anatomy of the brain into an interactive and memorable training session using Virtual 3D.

Allows Customers to Try Before They Buy with Augmented Reality Technology 

Augmented Reality technology architecture allows customers to try on a variety of products from makeup, furniture, and jewelry from the comfort of their own home. This helps customers make a decision and purchase products in the online space, boosting your overall website conversion.

An interactive and cost-effective way of training employees 

The use of Augmented Reality in education offers a solution for business assessments that provides companies with a cost-effective way to train and test employees. Be it as part of an onboarding or employee development program, the applications remove the need for human intervention or machinery and can be integrated with assessment data for easy monitoring helping companies scale faster and smarter. The application we have developed for Brain Hack shows how Augmented Reality in medicine can turn a rather boring topic such as the anatomy of the brain into an interactive memorable training session.

Understanding Augmented Reality in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a concept created using Web 3.0 and new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. Metaverse will be the future of augmented reality technologies including virtual reality games and applications. The metaverse and the technologies enable the fusion of the digital and virtual worlds and enable users to participate in the digital economy (creating, buying, and selling virtual or physical goods through the metaverse). Augmented Metaverse will revolutionize civilization, displacing phones and computers as primary platforms. As per the sources, the first completely functional AR glasses will hit consumer markets in 2024. It will then follow a similar acceptance curve to the rise of smartphones following the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Reports say; that AR will be required to access valuable layers of information, and market penetration will be rapid.

Why choose us? 

We combine technological knowledge and business approach to productise and build user centric technological solutions that add value to your organisation. From understanding your business goals and tailoring them to the appropriate technology, we will connect the dots to bring your idea to life in a high quality, affordable and user focused way. At MAGES Studio – Singapore, our AR developers strive to bring the unique benefits offered by Augmented Reality to improve your company’s bottom line. Browse through our solutions to learn more about how we are helping product and service providers to use tomorrow’s technologies to solve today’s problems.

More about Augmented Reality

AR (Augmented Reality) vs VR (Virtual Reality)

Augmented Reality adds a new digital layer to real-life settings allowing people to interact with existing reality in a new way. Augmented Reality in medicine allows physicians to practice patient treatment in complex situations. Top augmented reality companies have augmented reality developers that use AR technologies such as unity with images and text to create highly interactive applications.

Virtual Reality allows for the creation of a new hyper-realistic environment. It is extremely useful to provide physicians and students with practical training. This is why many Virtual Reality companies in Singapore utilize virtual reality in education.

Augmented Reality Singapore 

Augmented Reality usage is very common in Singapore. Companies use augmented reality in architecture, real estate, retail, construction, and many additional industries. Many augmented reality companies use AR technologies to develop AR applications for leading brands and SMEs.

Augmented Reality Development 

AR will transform the future in the following ways:

  1. AR in Retail : AR has been utilized in Retail for a long time, large corporations entered the domain of AR to enhance their customers’ retail experience. Ikea has recently developed its app, referred to as Ikea Palace which helps the customer to examine how the product will look in their house. Industries like fashion, accessories and decor can have a lot of benefit using Augmented Reality as they rely on the customer’s subjective assessment. Customers will get a great personalized experience and this will affect their buying decision and thus AR could be a new tool for the marketers to tap the market.
  2. AR in Art : There has been a rise in demand for digital art across the world, an excellent testament to this demand is the NFT art market. The creative software giant, Adobe has launched Adobe Aero and XR packs so that artists can use Augmented Reality as the new medium of creativity. AR will facilitate the artists to draw in 3D, they’ll be able to pin their artwork to any corner of the world without obstructing anything in ground reality. The consumers of art will take pleasure in using AR goggles to engage in art from all over the globe.
  3. AR in Gaming : The AR Video gaming industry will reach $28.8 billion by 2026. This is the amount of scope AR has in the gaming industry. AR games alter the way we interact with our physical environments. Pokemon GO was a very famous mobile AR game as people were deliberately going out to catch their favorite characters. Mobile-based Augmented Reality games will stand nowhere if AR goggles will be easily available as using them the user’s direction of motion can also be tracked, in turn opening several possibilities for developers.

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