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We build innovative technological user centric solutions from start to finish

We’ve been helping companies build high quality scalable technological solutions to boost profitability across a variety of industries.

Gamify Learning | Game on Application

Take your training up a notch with data-driven gamified experiences

Suitable for corporate training, tertiary education and schools

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Top Augmented Reality Service Providers in Singapore

Engage your customers with new-age technology and innovative learning methods. The goal is to create AR games, AR in education, & AR app development using Unity 3D & Unreal Engine

Unique mobile and web applications

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Virtual Reality | VR Gaming

Capture your employees and customers senses with hyper-realistic simulations and virtual environments

We work across all headsets and devices

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Sandbox Metaverse

Be part of the Metaverse journey with us & enter into an exciting new 3D virtual world to socialize, work & shop.

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Devices & Platforms we have worked on

Mobile VR

Gear VR / Cardboard


Rift / Vive


Hololens / META


iOS / Android



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    MAGES STUDIO is a full stack agency of artists, designers and developers that partners with companies to develop meaningful interactive experiences.

    We believe in utilizing emerging technologies to create solutions that add business value and deliver upon objectives.

    Through utilization of smart design and cutting-edge technologies we help businesses win.

    MAGES Studio Pte. Ltd.

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    E: enquiry@magesstudio.com.sg