The virtual reality industry is expected to see an unprecedented growth in the next 3 years, with market value expected to multiply by almost 10 times (Statistica, 2019). The reasons for this massive increase is multifold – where the increase consumer access and usage of VR hardware is only the starting point. With Virtual Reality’s ability to transport the user’s senses into the most inaccessible locations, real or imagined, highly immersive content and increasingly realistic interactions – it is no surprise that the use of VR solutions is fast growing popular amongst end consumers and businesses alike.

Forecast virtual reality (VR) market size worldwide from 2016 to 2022 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Virtual Reality Use Cases

Business in a huge variety of industries have begun harnessing the immersive powers of Virtual Reality technology to deliver engaging consumer experiences, drive employee learning & development and ultimately move towards higher efficiencies, revenues and cost savings – going well beyond just VR games.

Being one of the few Virtual Reality Companies in Singapore, MAGES Studio has had the opportunity to work on Virtual Reality Development for a wide variety of industries. We have built Virtual Reality Applications that range from high fidelity Training Simulations to Architectural Visualizations in VR for the Construction industry.

For Aviation, we have worked with some of the most prominent Singaporean Airlines to build hyper-realist training modules that enable a wide variety of aircraft based training – while reducing the amount of time that an actual plane has to be grounded – leading to massive cost savings, while collecting valuable training data.

Another great example would be Virtual Reality in Education, where VR Applications are being used to teach complex and high risk subjects in the fields of Engineering, Medicine and even Law. Using VR Development, we are able to give students access to potentially inaccessible and high risk simulated scenarios in a digital environment – allowing them to learn and train in safest way, while maximizing the learning experience.

Brands Using VR

Some big brands that have taken to Virtual Reality include Marriot, with their 360 VR Application that “teleports” viewers to a series of stunning holiday destinations. As well as The New York Times, that spread empathy and awareness about the refugee crisis in collaboration with the VR Documentary – The Displaced. Even automobile brands such as Audi have jumped on board to give Virtual Reality test drives to their customers, increasing engagement and revenues.

Being primarily a VR Studio, MAGES is constantly pushing boundaries with the latest hardware and the highest quality of Virtual Reality Development. We are experienced in building Virtual Reality Applications that span a wide variety of uses – from branding to training, in more than 12 different industries. View our portfolio to learn more.