Exploring Emerging Tech solutions for Education has been intuitive and seamless. We've taken on the task of supplementing and challenging traditional learning methods in a variety of faculties - from Engineering, to Medicine and even Law. Building Virtual Reality training and Augmented Reality training solutions for many reputed Universities in Singapore.

Virtual reality In Education

*SMU Mind the Drone

Using VR to train Law Students on simulated case studies.

Virtual Reality Studio

VR Lab

Using VR to train Engineering students on Civil Engineering lab experiments.

Virtual Reality in Architecture

Truss Bridge

Using VR to train Civil Engineering students on Truss Bridge Building.

Virtual reality Developments


Using Applied games to train Engineering students on complex physics subjects.

VR Solutions

Engineer On Board

Using Applied games to train Engineering students on complex physics subjects.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Virtual Clinic

Using Applied Games to simulate a virtual clinic, guiding children with special needs through the clinic visit process.

Virtual Reality Technology



Most education institutions compete with technology and reducing attention spans to keep students engaged. Especially so in the tertiary context where learning is often content heavy and lecture sizes are huge.


Subjects being taught at the University and Industry level are often complex and require deeper understanding. The interaction and visulisation offered by traditional methods of learning through textbooks and slides is limiting in this aspect.

Cost / Space

The set up and maintenance of labs and other learning environments can be extremely expensive, and at times even unfeasible. This limits the amount of hands-on learning students can get.


Traditional methods of assessment often refer to pen-paper examinations, which are limited in the true understanding of the learner's abilities and the depth of assessment data being collected.


Higher Engagement

Immersive simulations (VR), visualisation tools (AR) and interactive assesments (Applied Games) enable much higher levels of engagement. Through a variety of environments and wide range of interactions - emerging tech breaks the barriers of hands on learning.

Access to Learning Environments

Through highly realistic digitally simulated scenarios - students are able to overcome resource restraints (e.g. availability of labs, access to remote locations) and train in a safe environment while increasing their learning exposure immensely.

Assessment & Data Collection

Trainers can Gamify the assessment content to collect valuable behavioural data. This data is then analysed through algorithms and presented to the trainer in a simplified dashboard.

Consistent Quality

Applications created for learning offer consistent quality through well designed digital content. It also allows trainers to train a larger number of students at the same time.