CASE- STUDIES Architecture

The Real Estate market has begun showcasing properties using highly realistic Virtual Reality showrooms, often closing deals before the first brick is laid. The Interior Design industry is also adopting Augment Reality solutions to allow clients to view everything from valuable paintings to 3D furniture in their homes, before making a purchase.

Virtual Reality in Architecture

VR for Franchise

Using VR to recreate a high fidelity store environment for Franchise replication.

Virtual Reality Technology


Using VR to create a Architiechtural Visualisation of the home interior & exterior

Virtual Reality Developer

NY Interact

Using VR to create a Architiechtural Visualisation of the home interior with interactions.

VR Solutions

Playnation - NTU

Using VR to recreate the NTU hostel room as part of the marketing buzz.

Virtual Reality Technology



Digital visualisation before the advent of Virtual Reality was limited to 2D screens and limited interactions. The amount of visualisation being offered to buyers was hence limited.


It is extremely expensive for builders to set up physical showrooms in actual locations, investing in construction, architecture and interior design. While also remaining restricted on the amount of changes that can be made.


Builders marketing to investers in a global market are not able to showcase their properties in a realistic manner through traditional marketing methods such as videos ads and brochures.


Higher Engagement

Digital simulations also allow customers to experience much higher levels of engagement and visualisation with highly flexible digital interactions. Given the high fidelity of the simulation, the need and cost for physical showrooms is also reduced.

Data Collection

One of the biggest advantages of using emerging tech solutions is the ability to build interactive content while collecting valuable consumer behaviour data. Using our applications customers can edit the material, furniture, colours, fabric and lighting of their virtual homes before anything is built.

Global Marketing

The high fidelity 3D environments offer scalability, especially when technology can reach customers at a large scale using simple mobile devices and lightweight VR headsets.