Retail and Commerce is becoming increasingly diversified and consequently more competitive. Our emerging tech solutions have been used by E-commerce stores for an added edge in product visualisation, as well as physical Retail stores looking to drive up consumer engagement through Gamification, AR and VR. Most brands existing in either space are looking to cross over using Emerging Technology.

Virtual AI Lab

Using VR to visualise KPMG's cutting edge AI Solutions for Consultancy.


Christmas Campaign for USS

Augmented Reality campaign on Social Media to promote Universal Studio's Christmas holiday visits

Vitual Reality Retail

*P&G - Ecommerce (VR)

Using VR to create a 360 Virtual Store.

Argumented Reality Retail

*P&G - Ecommerce (AR)

Using AR to increase consumer engagement with advertising content.

Virtual Reality Technology


Consumer Attention

In a world where consumer attention is saturated with a huge a variety of digital media and stifling competition with new gimicks arising on a daily basis - it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to maintain brand recognition in the minds of consumers.

Product Variety

With e-commerce and lean business models, the barriers to entry for new brands is lower than ever before. In addition to this, brands are growing increasingly diverse within themselves. This leads to most markets being saturated with a huge variety of products and services competing with each other.

Online vs Offline

With both Online & Offline commerce markets competing with and crossing over to each other, the need for content and tools to attract and engage customers is at its highest. However, brands are now increasingly moving away from gimicky technology and moving towards more meaningful tech experiences.

Advertising Costs

The vast sums of money spent on advertising globally is no secret, however the struggle to compute the most effective advertising methods with the highest ROI still exists. As such, brands are increasingly looking at emerging tech solutions for data.


Higher Engagement

Through a variety of digitally simulated interactions in VR, AR and Applied Games - consumers are able to experience a vast range of brand content that is likely to increase brand recognition and recall. These experiences can vary from Virtual Reality retail stores to Augmented Reality retail experiences.

Cross Dimensions

Emerging Tech solutions allow for brick and mortar stores to cross over into the e-commerce space with Virtual stores, Gamified purchase etc. E-commerce stores cross over into the real world with Augmented Reality solutions and 3D interactions that embed virtual products into the real world.

Advertising & Data Analytics

One of the biggest advantages of using emerging tech solutions is the ability to collect valuable consumer behaviour data, at much lower costs than traditional methods. Gaze tracking in VR Stores, Gamification to test brand recall and a variety of other solutions are increasingly being adopted by market researchers.

Scalability (Global Brands)

The adaptability and consistency of any marketing campaign can be controlled seasmlessly when using tech solutions. The content can be scaled and published to a global audience at the same time - offering valuable integration.